All You Need To Know About iOS 12, Beta Download, Release Date

We are just two weeks away from the official announcement of iOS 12 – an upcoming iOS software update for iPhone and iPad devices. It is already under development by Cupertino company developers. The first iOS 12 preview is going live during WWDC 2018 keynote for developers and media outlets.

Apple had already confirmed WWDC 2018 keynote date and timings, which means we are going to receive an iOS 12 beta download update before then we expected. The iOS 12 is likely to debut on June 4th, after the WWDC 2018 keynote for developers. Once the keynote ends, developers will get exclusive access to iOS 12 beta IPSW. If you are a registered iOS developer, you will able to download iOS 12 beta on your iPhone or iPad device.

iOS 12: When Can You Download iOS 12?

iOS 12 launch is confirmed for September 2018 for a general audience. Apple will host a media event to announce the upcoming iPhone model and then releases iOS 12 update for everyone later this fall. While we are sure about the launch date of iOS 12, do we know what kind of features is coming? What it has to offer this year to iPhone and iPad users?

ios 12 beta download

According to sources, the plans for iOS 12 are to focus on stability and performance. There are not going to be many new features but a minimal number of changes made into the significant iOS 12 update. Apple has codenamed iOS 12 as “peace” – the source further mentions the upcoming plans of Apple and roadmap of iOS releases.

Furthermore, the report mentions Apple is holding upon the new features for later iOS updates. With iOS 12, they want to focus on making iPhone operating system more stable and performance oriented. It looks like Apple is finally stopping their guns to fix what they should have fixed a long time ago. We know iOS comes up with its fair share of errors and bugs, and now finally, Apple wants to get rid of them – most of them.

Major plans are to fix iOS core system’s errors, bugs, and issues that cause troubles. However, it does not mean that no new features are coming this year. There are going to be a variety of iOS 12 features, but not major ones.

iOS 12 Features Coming In iOS 12 Beta:

In this article, we are going to round up everything we know so far about the upcoming iOS 12, its features, release timelines, and download links:

Face ID – Update
If you are using an iPhone X right now, you must know that Face ID works in an insufficient direction. You have to hold the phone in portrait mode to make Face ID works. However, Face ID is going to receive an update in iOS 12 that allows users to unlock their iPhone X devices using Face ID even in horizontal direction.

New Animoji’s
We know Apple loves Animoji’s – they have a dedicated time slot in the keynote. Apple is proud to announce Animoji’s on the iOS device using the AR capabilities and all that. An update from a source confirmed there are going to be a range of new Animoji’s coming in iOS 12 for a general audience.

Animoji in FaceTime Calls
FaceTime is receiving an update this year in iOS 12 beta update. Apple has not abandoned FaceTime calls; they are bringing Animoji’s in FaceTime calls. You will now able to use live-filters during your FaceTime call with your friends or family members.

Improved Parental Controls
Apple is bringing more options for parents that want to control the flow of information on their children iOS devices. With iOS 12, Apple is offering a range of parental controls in iOS that allow the guardians to control most of the devices.

System-wide Password Manager
We are expecting Apple to implement a system-wide password manager in iOS devices. A password manager that works with iCloud Keychain and let users easily store and access their password throughout the different apps and websites.

Revamped stock Apps
Like every iOS update, the latest iOS 12 beta is coming up with some changes to iOS core app structures and layouts. There are going to be revamped apps to make iOS more stable and performance oriented.

iOS 12 download links

Camera In-App Settings
Finally, in iOS 12, you will able to control most of the camera settings directly inside the Camera app. You no more have to go to Settings and make any changes. Apple is bringing in-app settings for the camera application.

Revamped Notifications
iOS notifications are way behind their time. Apple really needs to improve the iOS notifications, and they know it. We are expecting iOS 12 to bring grouped notifications for iPhone and iPad devices.

And lots of other changes.

iOS 12 Beta Download Release:

Are you interested in running iOS 12 beta on your iPhone or iPad devices? If yes, this section is for you. There are different methods that allow you to download iOS 12 beta on your device, and install it on your iPhone or iPad device.

There are two major ways to get iOS 12 beta download for your device. Each comes up with its own set of requirements.

  • Official iOS 12 beta Download
  • Non-Developer iOS 12 Beta Release

Apple has no intentions to release iOS 12 beta to the non-developer audience. The iOS beta program is highly crafted for developers only. You need an official iOS developer account to download and install latest iOS 12 beta. In order to install iOS 12 beta, you need to have your iOS device registered in iOS developer portal.

However, this does not mean that you cannot get your hands on iOS 12 beta download – it is just the official words. There are ways that you can use to get iOS 12 beta for iPhone and iPad devices.

Step 1: You can get iOS 12 beta download provisioning profile from here

Step 2: Download the beta profile directly on your device.

Step 3: Install iOS 12 beta provisioning profile

Step 4: Restart your device.

Step 5: Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update

Step 6: That’s it, there you will have the iOS 12 beta download for your device.

You can download iOS 12 beta for your device in just less than six steps. If you face any issue with iOS download, you can use our comment sections to get help from our team.