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We ( as a publisher use Google technologies and Google Adsense to serve advertisements to our readers. Google use cookies to store information about users reading our website and their online presence to offer them more targeted information. We wanted to be as transparent we can with you (our reader).

Our revenue stream is these Google Adsense ads you see on our website. Google and its third-party partners use cookies to serve you ads based on your prior visits to our website. Google’s use of DART cookie enables it and its partners to serve ads on our websites based on your (our user) visit to our website or other websites on the Internet that uses Google technologies.

We also use Google Analytics to track our users (readers) pattern on our website. It makes us to improve our content and advertisements. We use Google Analytics and it only offers us anonymous data about your usage of our website.

In case, if you do not want to be tracked by Google technologies or Google Adsense, you can easily manage your Google Ads Setting here or by going to Network Advertising Initiative page. It will allow you to avoid all these cookies, and you won’t be tracked anymore by Google Adsense or its partners to serve you advertisement on the Internet.

Learn more about how Google uses cookies and information gathered by Google and its partners.


There is no need to be embarrassed if you don’t know what “browser cookie” is. It is very easy to understand the concept of browser cookies and their usage on the internet.

Cookies are a small piece of information stored in your browser by Google and its partners to remember you visited our website or what were you searching last time. It helps Google and its partners to prioritize what people wants. It is an effort to make things more targeted and helpful on the internet.

Last Updated on November 8th, 2017. 

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