Download vShare for iOS 12/11/10 – iOS & Android

If you are looking for how to download vShare then you have landed at the right place! We know it is really frustrating to not have a legit vShare app download for your device. We covered a detail guide here about how you can install vShare for iOS 11 on your iPhone and iPad devices.

All you need to download vShare for your iPhone or Android is to follow this guide!

We have arranged everything that you need to know about vShare and how you can install it. This is a perfect guide for everyone. No matter if you are a new user or an experienced user. It covers all aspects, angles, and every technical detail that you must know.

vShare app is available for both iPhone and Android users. It was once the most demanded app on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad devices. In earlier days, you were required to jailbreak your device to install vShare, luckily not anymore. You can direct download vShare on your device without waiting for a jailbreak solution. Developer’s behind vShare / AppVV has worked on their installation process and eliminated the requirement of a jailbreak.

What is a vShare? – Everything You Need To Know!

vSharevShare App/Market allows you to download and install apps for free on your iPhone or Android device. It is a major third-party AppStore that allows you bypass Apple’s restrictions and limitations. It doesn’t require root access or a jailbreak tool. You can easily download vShare to install apps and games for free. There is no need to worry about the security, jailbreak, root, and privacy violation. The developer’s behind vShare has covered everything for you. In case, if you want to read in detail, you can read about vShare Safety from here.

Over the years, vShare has gained lots of attention from both users and Apple’s legal team. There are no doubts that Apple doesn’t like App Stores like vShare or HipStore – in fact, they once cracked down against the much popular Installous Cydia app that allowed similar functionality.

But, vShare is different!

While vShare app offers similar functionality but it doesn’t rely on a jailbreak solution or exploit. It works with iOS Enterprise Certificates that allows them to install apps directly on your devices without going through any checkpoints in iOS security. AppVV – the group behind vShare – introduced an independent installer for vShare that allow users to easily download vShare on their devices, named vShare Helper.

How vShare App is Different from Other Apps:

In order to install vShare app, you now need a vShare Helper to begin the installation process. It is currently available only for Windows users. vShare Helper brings lots of new capabilities and possibilities for iOS users. For starters, it allows to bypass iOS security and easily install apps and games directly on iPhone/iPad devices.

Furthermore, it recovers non-working vShare app on your iPhone or Android device. In early days, Apple was discontinuing all the certificates that were engaged with vShare and AppVV – it was a huge setback for developers!

 So, they came up with vShare Helper – an independent app that works on cloud to activate the latest version of vShare on your iPhone/iPad device. It doesn’t have to rely on the exploit or jailbreak.

Introduction of vShare Helper for PC/Windows totally changed the way we used to download vShare for iOS. It is now required for everyone to get vShare Helper if they want to install vShare app on their devices. We have covered the guide in details, you can read more about it in upcoming section!

vShare iOS 11

Apple finally released iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad users. It came up with big surprise of iPhone 8 and iPhone X model. Everyone quickly started asking about jailbreak and support for vShare. It took some time for vShare Developer team to come up with new compatibility support. Luckily, they didn’t waste a single minute in delaying the process. vShare iOS 11 is available! It supports all range of iPhone and iPad devices.

vShare for iOS


In case, if you got excited and updated your device to latest firmware, you can always enjoy vShare for iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad. It is available through vShare Helper and you can download it for iOS 11.0.1, 11.0.2, 11.0.3 version.

We had a chance to communicate with developers of vShare at AppVV and they are not going turn away from the development or addition support of devices. We can see more versions coming up. Already there are different variants available for vShare. You can read all about them later in this post.

Quick link: You can quick jump to download / installation process!

vShare iOS 10

vShare for iOS 10 was released right after the official launch of iOS 10 in 2016 for iPhone and iPad devices. We can say that iOS 10 was the last iOS firmware that received any jailbreak solution from hackers. Some version of iOS 10 can be jailbroken using half-baked exploits and there is no possibility of a new jailbreak getting released.

vshare iOS free

vShare iOS 10 came as the rescuer for everyone who was running iOS 10 without a jailbreak support. Users were able to download vShare iOS 10 for their devices and install third-party apps and games that were previously not possible. We have covered a detail guide on vShare iOS 10 download here – you can read it to brush up the steps.

How to Download vShare for iPhone & iPad (Step by Step Guide)

There are three major methods to download vShare for iPhone or Android devices. All of these methods come up with their own requirements. We understand if one method may not work for you. That is why, we covered all three methods and ranked them accordingly to help you get started with vShare download.

Not interested in wasting any more time?

No problem!

download vShare app

We got you covered. Just pick the preferred or any method from below and start following the steps. Usually, it takes less than 5 minutes to get vShare downloaded on your device. We are offering step-by-step guide so anyone can easily follow the guidelines and install the app in legit way.

Method #1: vShare for iOS and Android

Best method to download vShare is by using vShare Helper. It is also the preferred method by vShare Developer team, and our team. It comes with official tag from vShare developers. Here is everything you need to know about how to download vShare using vShare Helper:

Step 1: Download vShare Helper for Windows / Mac

vshare app download

Step 2: You need to run vShare Helper file to begin installing vShare on your computer.

download vShare iPhone

Step 3: Once the basic installation of vShare completes, it will ask you to connect your iPhone/iPad using USB (lightening cable) to computer.

vshare exe download

Step 4: In the initial setup, vShare Helper will begin authorizing your device with vShare’s server so they can identify your device.

vShare Authorizing

Step 5: After authorization, you can see the “Install vShare” button to begin with.

Install vShare

Step 6: It will automatically start downloading vShare Helper for iOS aka vShare SE app.

Note: No need to worry if install vShare button isn’t working. It must be your internet connection or connectivity with vShare server. We will debug the issue in upcoming steps.

Step 7: Go to Download’s section in vShare Helper to see if there is vShare SE app downloading or not.

vShare SE app

Step 8: Once it completes downloading vShare SE app, you can begin with installation process.

Step 9: That’s it. You can now see vShare SE app in your iPhone or iPad device.

Method #2: Direct vShare.ipa & vShare.apk Download

It may not the preferred or best method, but people doesn’t like hooking up phones with PC or computer to get vShare for iOS on their devices. You can use a direct vShare download using the official website from here.

In this method, it requires you to have a third-party website that allows you bypass Apple’s security and let you install vShare directly on the device. You can read more about the process in below mentioned steps:

Step 1: You need to make sure you have a working internet connection, and there is no other app running in the background on your iOS device.

Step 2: Launch Safari, and browse to official vShare’s website.

download vShare Jailbreak

Step 3: There you will see an option to download vShare for jailbreak users. You need to press the button to continue with vShare Safari method.

Method #3: Using Jailbreak

If you are already familiar with jailbreaking or vShare, you would have known it was developed by AppVV group. The same group is running a popular Cydia repository from years. Using AppVV repository requires you to have a jailbreak. Therefore, if you are able to get your phone or table jailbroken, you can use this method. Otherwise, it is just covering the base for older users.

Here are the detailed steps that you have to perform to get vShare download using AppVV:

  • Add vShare’s official repo in your Cydia app.
  • Refresh Cydia’s repository to make sure it includes vShare app.
  • Now you can use the Search bar to search for vShare SE app.
  • Choose the right vShare Cydia tweak, and begin installing it.
  • That’s it.

What is vShare Helper and Why It is Required?

Still unsure about vShare Helper? Still wondering how it is important for you?

Well, no problem!

vShare Helper is introduced to make vShare installation process more stable and discreet. Apple is known for cracking down against applications that support piracy or at least allow users to download apps/games that are not supposed to be on iOS platform. vShare comes under such category.

Install vShare

Apple has removed/banned vShare enough times to cause the developers a real trouble. We know, vShare uses iOS Enterprise Certificates to install vShare app and other applications. It is hard to get one, and since Apple is cracking down against such usage – the team was left with no options.

vShare Helper improves the installation process and without revealing an actual certificate and verification from Apple Server it uses the old trick of signing apps using your developer certificate. It helps them in avoiding Apple’s strict rules and still allow users to run apps and games they want.

vShare Alternative – Is There Any Best Solution?

There are plenty of vShare alternatives available in the market. It totally depends on you. vShare is known for its long stability and promise to keep updating their app and solution. We have seen them delivering latest app within hours after the official launch, but we cannot say the same for others. Here is a list of vShare alternatives that are popular:

  • HiPStore
  • Mojo Installer
  • Installous
  • Extensify
  • Tweakbox

Most of them works similar to vShare, but they have their own requirements. We will be covering all vShare alternative in details in upcoming days. You can subscribe to our page to read more about the alternatives later.

Different vShare Versions / Variants: vShare Pro, vShare VIP

Already flattered with vShare, No, eh?

vShare comes in different variants. It supports both free and paid model. The normal vShare SE app comes with ads and all the normal hiccups you can expect from an iOS app. There are two different versions of vShare that attracts many people.

vShare Pro

vShare Pro comes with handful of features. It removes unnecessary advertisement from the application. It is also more stable than a regular vShare SE download. You can pay on their official website or using in-App Purchase to update your subscription to vShare Pro.

vShare Pro

vShare Pro doesn’t only come with ads removal feature but offers a new range of possibilities within app. Usually, when you use vShare app or browse vShare Market for iOS, you will see some apps are not available for download or the servers they try to get from are not supporting it. vShare Pro comes with premium service backend and it ensures the download and running of the apps on your iPhone or iPad device.

You can read more about vShare Pro from here.

vShare VIP

As the name suggests, vShare VIP is more like a myth and invite only service. If you are using vShare Pro from a long time, or made a generous donation with team, it ends up with an invite only vShare VIP program.

vShare VIP

There are only few users who ever claimed to have enjoyed vShare VIP membership. It is understanding of experts that vShare VIP is kept under curtains to keep top-tier users separate from usual users. If you have any more information about vShare VIP, feel free to drop us a message and update this section.

How to Fix vShare / Fix Common vShare Issues

Nothing comes in perfect. vShare has its own fair number of issues when it perform download and installation process. Usually, users end up scratching their heads just because they missed a single step or didn’t followed the guide step to step. If you ever found yourself in that place, you can always check out this section to learn more about how you can easily fix vShare on iOS.

fix vShare errors

Fix vShare – Error 1: Cannot Install Downloaded Apps:

In some cases, we have heard people successfully downloaded vShare app on their devices but they faced annoying issue of unable to install apps that they downloaded through vShare app. It can happen due to multiple issues, but we can start with fixing one by one.

  • Close all running apps in the background.
  • Restart your iPhone/iPad and try hard resetting it.
  • Try start downloading apps using vShare Helper.
  • This time try install apps directly from vShare Helper.
  • It will fix the issue.

Fix vShare – Error 2: Cannot Connect to SSL Cert:

It is pretty common to get an error saying “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv. api error” – in case of this error, you need to follow these steps to fix it:

  • Close all tabs in Safari browser.
  • You have to close all apps running in the background. Double tap on home screen to make sure no other app is running in the background.
  • Remove vShare and Download vShare again on your device.
  • Connect to some other network, and try again using vShare. If error stays remain, you can restart your device to finally fix the error.
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