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vShare is one of the popular iOS application for iPhone and iPad devices. You can download vShare app on variety of iOS devices without jailbreak. If you are an active member, you might know what vShare is for iPhone and iPad users. Those who are not aware of vShare, it is an iOS app marketplace like iOS App Store. The only difference between vShare app and iOS App Store is it allows you to download apps for free. We are here today to guide you about vShare download procedures.

You can download vShare without jailbreak. Old days are gone when you need to have a jailbreak to get such apps on your iPhone/iPad. There is no need to wait for jailbreak tool. You can download vShare right now on your device. vShare is filled with loads of new apps and games that can be downloaded free of cost. It is one of the pirated App Store for iPhone/iPad devices. Apple is against the usage of vShare, therefore you need to ready for the upcoming steps.

download vShare

Download vShare

Download vShare for iPhone and iPad

There are already several alternatives available to vShare, such as HipStore, Mojo Installer but vShare is best of all. It gives you free access for free of cost and very less annoying ads in the app. Furthermore, vShare app is so far one of the secure application that gives you such functionality. Developers behind vShare has worked very closely to iOS security to highlight loopholes that allow their device to just install apps other than messing with core systems.

In easy words, vShare is an app installer that let you install apps and games for free on your iPhone or iPad device. There are wide range of themes, games, apps, cydia tweaks that you can install without jailbreak. Apple has had the first victory on jailbreak community with release of iOS 10. People are no more interested in getting a jailbreak. A large number of users were only into jailbreak to get paid apps for free. And you can get the same thing by downloading vShare without jailbreak.

Cydia and Jailbreak tools had their fame in time, but it also opened iOS devices to number of threats. While most users compromised on security, but there were people who didn’t like Cydia because of flatter access on root level. Therefore, we have seen a rise in vShare demand. Now everyone is interested in getting their hands on vShare app.

You can download vShare without a jailbreak. It was one of the biggest selling point of vShare. It works on both jailbreak and non-jailbreak devices. You can easily remove vShare from your device, and there is no point in resetting your device every time.

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How to Download vShare:

vShare App Download

It is very easy to download vShare for your iPhone or iPad device. It works flawlessly with wide range of iOS firmware versions. Unlike, the jailbreak solutions which required continuous efforts and lots of technical knowledge.

There are three methods to download vShare on iOS devices. You better start from the first method, and if it doesn’t work you can try other methods to install vShare on your device.

Method 1: Download vShare Using vShare Helper

vShare Helper is developed by vShare team to make vShare download procedure easy and secure. It works similar to iTunes. It allows you download vShare directly on your iPhone or iPad. vShare Helper is available for Window users only. If you are a macOS user, you can follow vShare Mac guide here to get it working for you.

Step 1. Download vShare Helper for Windows / Mac

vShare Helper

Step 2. You need to run vShare Helper file to begin installing vShare on your computer.

Install vShare Helper

Step 3. Once the basic installation of vShare completes, it will ask you to connect your iPhone/iPad using USB (lightening cable) to computer.

Install vShare

Step 4. In the initial setup, vShare Helper will begin authorizing your device with vShare’s server so they can identify your device.

vShare Authorizing

Step 5. After authorization, you can see the “Install vShare” button to begin with.

Install vShare

Step 6. It will automatically start downloading vShare Helper for iOS aka vShare SE app.

Download vShare

Note: No need to worry if install vShare button isn’t working. It must be your internet connection or connectivity with vShare server. We will debug the issue in upcoming steps.

vShare SE app

Step 7. Go to Download’s section in vShare Helper to see if there is vShare SE app downloading or not.

Step 8. Once it completes downloading vShare SE app, you can begin with installation process.

Step 9. That’s it. You can now see vShare SE app in your iPhone or iPad device.

Method 2: Install vShare Through Safari

In early days of vShare, the developer behind vShare app worked on technique that allowed users to download vShare using Safari directly on iPhone or iPad. However, it is now limited to jailbreak users only. If you have a jailbreak running device you can continue with this method.

Step 1: You need to make sure you have a working internet connection, and there is no other app running in the background on your iOS device.

Step 2: Launch Safari, and browse to official vShare’s website.

download vShare Jailbreak

Step 3: There you will see an option to download vShare for jailbreak users. You need to press the button to continue with vShare Safari method.

Method 3: Download vShare using Cydia

As mentioned couple of times, vShare is designed for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken users. It works for both type of devices. There is no need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad to get vShare. However, if you already jailbroken your device and now wants vShare, here is a method that can let you download vShare with jailbreak.

Step 1: Add vShare’s official repo in your Cydia app.

Step 2: Refresh Cydia’s repository to make sure it includes vShare app.

vshare appvv repo

Step 3: Now you can use the Search bar to search for vShare SE app.

Step 4: Choose the right vShare Cydia tweak, and begin installing it.

Step 5: That’s it.

vShare app is rated as notorious app by Apple. It causes big threat to iOS App Store and the business of developers. We have shared the method for educational purposes. You need to sensibly use vShare Market on your device. It is our moral duty to give every aspects of the story. We don’t want you to use vShare in wrong way, but to just test and make decisions about purchasing certain apps/games or not.

Meanwhile, here are some of the common bugs that people face while installing vShare on their devices. Here is how you can fix vShare app on iOS 8-10:

Fix vShare – Error 1: Cannot Install Downloaded Apps:

In some cases, we have heard people successfully downloaded vShare app on their devices but they faced annoying issue of unable to install apps that they downloaded through vShare app. It can happen due to multiple issues, but we can start with fixing one by one.

  1. Close all running apps in the background.
  2. Restart your iPhone/iPad and try hard resetting it.
  3. Try start downloading apps using vShare Helper.
  4. This time try install apps directly from vShare Helper.
  5. It will fix the issue.

Fix vShare – Error 2: Cannot Connect to SSL Cert:

It is pretty common to get an error saying “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv. api error” – in case of this error, you need to follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Close all tabs in Safari browser.
  2. Make sure all other apps are closed in your device. Double tap on home screen to make sure no other app is running in the background.
  3. Remove vShare and Download vShare again on your device.
  4. Connect to some other network, and try again using vShare. If error stays remain, you can restart your device to finally fix the error.

In case, if it still doesn’t work out. You can contact our team to help you in getting vShare on your device. We have a completed guide available on our website to help you understand how to download vShare.

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